Introducing the Proxi Pre-release Sale Event

By: [Gx] Josh

Support Proxi's development and unlock exclusive in-game perks during our very first pre-release sale event - live now!

We're excited to announce Proxi's very first pre-release sale event, featuring two asset packs that are overflowing with an assortment of first-edition Memory Objects and bonus content to kick-start your Proxi experience - including exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Will Wright and the Proxi development team as part of the Founder's Pack.

Check out the pack summaries below, and visit our Store to learn more about what's included in each pack! The sale ends Wednesday, September 29 at 9am PT - don't miss out!

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Looking to learn more about the sale, or get involved with the Proxi Community?

Founder's Pack

Become a Founder and unlock exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Proxi's development and much, much more.

  • Ten in-game items to decorate your memories in an upcoming release.
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Proxi's development, including Q&A Livestreams with Will Wright.
  • Unique "Founder" identifier and Llama badge throughout Proxi communities.
  • Make your mark on Proxi with a "Founder" call-out in Proxi's credits.
  • Bonus: Founder Pack Art NFT and Community NFT

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Supporter's Pack

Support Proxi's development and unlock an array of in-game and social perks throughout the Proxi community:

  • Five in-game items to decorate your memories in an upcoming release.
  • Unique "Supporter" identifier and Flamingo badge throughout Proxi.
  • Make your mark on Proxi with a "Supporter" call-out in the official credits.
  • Bonus: Supporter Pack Art NFT and Community NFT

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NFTs and the Proxi Creator Community

We want to offer players as much creative freedom as possible when designing their memories in Proxi. In order to accomplish that, players will need access to an enormous library of memory objects to work with - and that's where the Proxi Creator Community comes in.

We're aiming to empower a community of creators to not only create and share the Memory Objects they design - but also to own those objects, and receive credit when other players use them in their memories. In this sense we view the Creator Community as co-creators on Proxi - and through the utilization of blockchain technology, we can ensure that creators can share in the value they bring to the Proxi experience.

We'll have more detail to share about how Proxi utilizes NFTs and blockchain technology in future updates - but for now, check out Will Wright's perspective below, taken from an interview with Greg Miller from Kinda Funny Games and conducted by our partners at Forte, and check out our official FAQ.

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